Mass Spawner - Object placement tool

Easy to use mass prefab placement tool based on user defined rules. You can set height range, steepness range, you can colorize your objects randomly, handle collisions, and so on.
What this tool does:
  • This tool can place prefabs in almost unlimited number
  • Can be used for vegetation, or anything that need a big number of spawns based on rules
What this tool does not do:
  • This tool not contains any LOD system or performance saving method. After the placement, everything else is up to you
  • This package not contains any vegetation, or other models or resources
  • This tool cannot place Unity Terrain trees or grass (yet)
Key features:
  • Easy to use interface
  • Customizable world boundary
  • Customizable sample and exclusion layers
  • Object layers with custom properties
  • Any number of prefabs can be assign to an Object layer
  • Per-Layer and Per-Object tranformations
  • Collision handling between anything
  • Color groups with 4 type of Color mixing
  • Material color changing
  • You can randomize almost everything
  • Gizmo based placement preview
  • 3 different landscape view
  • Detailed documentation
Upcoming features:
  • Compute shader based calculations for better performance
  • Raycast normal based placement
  • Object brush
  • Unity Terrain support (Tree, Grass, and Painting)